Products & Services

By taking the time to listen and get to know you and your business, we can work in collaboration to deliver financing solutions that are customized to meet your commercial needs, and which can empower your business to reach its full potential.

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC provides a range of financing solutions, including:

Term Loans

When the market changes or new opportunities come along, we can help your business acquire that critical new plant, machinery or equipment; or help buy out those loans provided by other financial institutions. We provide solutions that have flexible repayment options at competitive interest rates, with a fast turnaround time for approval.

Mezzanine Financing

We offer both mezzanine and equity release financing to bridge a funding gap of your project.

Asset Backed Loans

We offer refinancing solutions against assets for working capital and other business requirements.

Project Finance

We offer financing to provide investment for long-term projects. We can be both a financier and a partner for your projects. We also offer turnkey solutions to incorporate projects.

Real Estate Financing

We offer innovative financing solutions for commercial real estate projects such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and retail outlets. Our team brings widespread experience of financing properties, construction projects and new developments. We work as a partner to understand your immediate and future financing needs.


We offer short term revolving facilities to finance trade receivables.

Property Development Funding

Bank funding has been the same without being innovative in the majority of transactions requiring understanding of the property Developers needs to perform the development to conclusion. Band lending has become significantly more restrictive in the real estate sector, particularly in the development funding side. and leave developers with few options,

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC has built up strong relationships with all our UAE partners, alternative private lenders and private equity lenders known for giving approvals to borrowers, and our developing with the lenders a quick decision process.
Developers see the big picture as to where they can be moving to their development start and take up the loan and quick approval that will show them ahead of their ahead of their opposition failing with Banks that shy from Development Loans in this world market.

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC makes the loan process quick, efficient and wastes no time in poor administration to your success.
EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC wins in Property Development Loans Approvals

Commercial Business Funding

Commercial Funding for the expansion of a business in multiple ways. The expansion based on the purchase of a new trading building or factory complex.

This can also be enhanced with working capital to go side by side with the capital purchase and thus increase the business operations and new complex profit center.

There will with this, Commercial Business Funding be a component of working capital that is rolling in and out for a 2 years period with the interest and capital paying its way like a rolling line of credit.

Business Acquisition Funding

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC has extensive experience in Management Take – Overs of competitors and acquisition finance for corporate commercial entities looking to expand and restructure or take the next step in a major expansion program of more sites, higher production or engaging more major accounts.

We are experienced in the world of corporate finance, with the ability to assess and introduce the appropriate senior debt and mezzanine partners.

Bridging Finance

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC has a number of funding partners in the specialist bridging finance commercial capital sector. Funds can be used for both Personal and Commercial use secured against residential and commercial property assets. Funds can be used for a variety of purposes, from securing a new residential property to residential downsizing or securing a new business contract where short – term working capital is required.
Often the interest costs of the bridging finance can e added to the loan to reduce the ongoing servicing cost whilst the bridging finance is in place. This helps clients who are asset rich but with limited spare income to cover the interest cost of the facility

Funds can be borrowed from small amounts to large amounts and normally for a period of no more than 12 months, although longer term funding can be obtained.
There are generally no restrictions on what the borrowed funds can be used for but an understanding of the ultimate repayment source needs to be communicated to the borrower.
Facilities of this nature are interest – only with a bullet repayment once the client is in a position to repay the loan.

International Property Funding

This commercial Financial and Funding offers the borrower the opportunity to purchase a home or business in another country, set up and purchase an office instead of renting in another country and expanding your business operations and business development in countries you might not have the scope with in the normal banking circles who frown upon such investment.

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC will get you to the next level in your business Development and expansion.

Asset Finance Solutions

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC will fund for the purchase of assets being valued add on equipment for the enhancement of higher production and more efficient production and free up existing equipment needs.

EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC will instead of the usual HP method of lending use a rolling line of credit for a 3 year period providing an alignment to your actual cash flow. There are a number of Funders we have that will give you an equipment capital purchase in a rarely defined method, EMIRATES GLOBAL FUNDING PJSC will do just that.